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About Me


Rachel Off Duty is a style, travel, and lifestyle blog for fellow badass (or aspiring badass) women and go-getters. I hope to help other women like me take charge of their lives and their style, and blur the lines between “on” and “off duty,” whatever that might mean to you. To me, this means endeavoring to create a lifestyle that I love so unapologetically that nothing feels like “work,” and that honestly makes getting out of bed every day more exciting. Call it a 10-year plan, or call it an everyday hustle. But whatever you call it, it’s up to you to make it a reality.

After years spent running blogs and doing social media for fashion brands, I combined my knack for writing with my passion for style and travel to create something entirely my own. Rachel Off Duty was born in 2015, and started as a personal style blog. Since then, it’s grown to become a resource not just for style, but for everything from travel tips and lifestyle inspiration to exposes on what it means to be a hustling, aspiring, badass woman trying to give her all in everything she does. Thanks for coming along on this journey with me.