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About Rachel Off Duty

We want the world, we’ll do what it takes to get it, and we’ll be damned if we don’t look good while doing it.

Rachel Off Duty is a style, travel, and lifestyle blog for fellow badass (or aspiring badass) women and go-getters. Through relatable stories, easy-to-follow tips, and hard-hitting personal essays, I hope to help other women like me take charge of their lives and their style and blur the lines between “on” and “off duty,” whatever that might mean to you. To me, this means endeavoring to create a lifestyle that I love so unapologetically that nothing feels like “work,” and that honestly makes getting out of bed every day more exciting. Call it a 10-year plan, or call it an everyday hustle. But whatever you call it, it’s up to you to make it a reality.

After years spent running blogs and doing social media for fashion brands, I combined my knack for writing with my intrigue in style + passion for traveling to create something entirely my own. Rachel Off Duty was developed as a way to share my own personal journey, while providing a voice to aspiring badass women everywhere who want to take life by the horns and show the world what they’re made of.

About Rachel 

I’m a Hawaii-grown Los Angeles transplant, and I’ve been living in LA for almost 7 years now. Growing up, my childhood was spent daydreaming about one day becoming a model or an actor. I wanted to be onstage with the flashing lights with leading roles in the biggest productions–the whole shebang. One of the main reasons I moved to LA was to get one step closer to this dream. But as life unfolded, I learned the hard way that the cards of fame and runway walks wouldn't be dealt in my favor. After years of auditions and “important people” telling me I was too short or too big or too small or not pretty enough, I threw in the towel. And yeah, it hurt. It hurt bad. But through this experience, what I did learn as I got older was what it meant to have resilience. And even though I ultimately had to pave a different path for my life than the one I moved to LA trying to find, what stuck with me through it all was an irrefutable love for style and right-brained creativity, thanks to all of my daydreaming. That passion, coupled with my hunger to do something meaningful–even if it didn’t involve a stage–drove me to ultimately pursue a career in marketing, writing, and social media.


Since then, I’ve spent years heavily involved in the fashion, marketing, and advertising space. I’ve worn many hats, from managing entire marketing teams and running social media accounts to overseeing content strategy for blogs and contributing to large-scale advertising campaigns. After working with brands, blogs, and influencers for 5 years, I decided I wanted to carve out a piece of this world that would be entirely, unapologetically my own. Rachel Off Duty was born in 2015, and started as a personal style blog. Since then, it’s grown to become a resource not just for style, but for everything from travel tips and lifestyle inspiration to exposes on what it means to be a hustling, life-grabbing woman trying to give her all in everything she does. Thanks for coming along on this journey with me.

Rachel Off Duty - About Me

For general questions, collaboration opportunities, or just to say hey-what's up-hello, feel free to reach me at: racheloffduty@gmail.com.

You can also catch me sounding off on Twitter, posting mirror pictures on Instagram, and watching dog videos on Facebook!

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